Soccer for Success


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Soccer for Success 
is a free after-school program that is proven to help kids establish healthy habits and develop critical life skills. Trained coach-mentors and family engagement are key components of Soccer for Success.

Boys & Girls Club of the East Valley has partnered with The U.S. Soccer Foundation to be the premiere leaders to bring Soccer for Success to Arizona.

We operate in ten branches around the valley—providing five hundred children with sponsored after-school physical activity, nutrition, mentorship, and family engagement programming three days a week.

Soccer for Success Program  Model
We run 75-90 minutes per session (60 minutes) with 3 sessions per week. There are 12 weeks per season and 2 seasons per academic year (Fall and Spring). The program is curriculum-based with lessons before each activity and game days on the third session.

US Soccer FoundationU.S. Soccer Foundation
“Our goal at the U.S. Soccer Foundation is to grow the game of soccer and help create and provide children with quality programs that support both physical and personal development in communities nationwide,” said Ed Foster-Simeon, President & CEO of the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

The Mission of the U.S. Soccer Foundation is to enhance, assist, and grow the sport of soccer in the United States with a special emphasis on underserved communities.

Soccer for Success with Boys & Girls Clubs of the East ValleySoccer for Success Staff

Soccer for Success Program Manager
Mario N. Diaz

Soccer for Success Database Manager
Zoie Marquez

Superstition Mountain Branch - Apache Juntion
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Compadre Branch - Chandler     
Monday Wednesday Friday
Gilbert Branch
Monday Wednesday Friday
Grant Woods Branch - Mesa              
Monday Tuesday Thursday
Ladmo Branch - Tempe
Monday Wednesday Friday
Mesa—Stevenson Elementary
Monday Wednesday Friday
North Tempe Branch
Monday Wednesday Friday
Queen Creek Branch
Monday Wednesday Friday
Thunderbirds Branch - Guadalupe
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Core Components of Soccer for Success

Physical Activity: Children participate in 90-minute sessions at least three days a week to ensure they receive the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise.
Nutrition: Soccer for Success staff deliver relevant educational activities where participants are taught the basics of nutrition and the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.
Mentorship: Each site is staffed by caring coaches who serve as mentors that are invested in the successful development of each child. Mentors stress the importance of doing well in school and avoiding negative influences such as drugs, alcohol, and violence.
Family Engagement: Soccer for Success strives to turn parents and family members into advocates who reinforce the program's teachings at home. Family members are provided with information on nutrition, health, and public services that will aid them in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.